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Share a Thought Saturday (1):

Welcome to our first Share a Thought Saturday – SATS for short! I posted a brief synapsis earlier this week of what of SATS is and what I hope to accomplish from it. However, for those unfamiliar, I’ll post a link to the introduction below the SATS meme. 

Today’s thought comes from a fellow blogger over Books for Birds:

Well, recently I was thinking about when you make a movie out of a book and it turns out badly versus coming out great.”

I for one think this is a awesome topic, one that I’ve pondered myself on numerous occasions. Now before we begin, I’m assuming that those of you who are reading this post also read books. Why else would you visit a book reviewer’s blog?

Ha, don’t answer that, I greatly appreciate any and all visitors!

So, continuing with this assumption, I also assume that you have you encountered what my fellow blogger is referring to. One very prominent example that comes to mind is Eragon. Now Eragon is one of my upmost favorite books and I was ecstatic when I heard it was undergoing production. However, when I finally saw the film I was downright upset. In my opinion, the movie was horrible. Granted, it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen Eragon, I cannot accurately enumerate all my grievances. Not to mention I wanted to put the experience out of mind as quickly as possible. However, one thing that irked me to no end, was the fact that Eragon – the main character - looked nothing like how I had imagined him.

This brings me to why I believe book-to-film adaptations tend to fail.  My reasoning is that by reading, we create our own internal “movie.” This movie is produced with the perfect cast, filmed at the perfect location, and cuts no corners with special effects. What you imagine is what you get. So, by the time we finish a book, we’ve experienced the best of the best. It’s no wonder why we are disappointed when going to the movie theater.

Am I saying that all book-to-film adaptions fail? No, certainly not. Two words, Harry Potter. The hype I’ve been hearing about TMI and THG seem to also suggest that they meet expectations. Have you seen them? If so, do you think they matched up with your internal version? Were you ultimately satisfied or disappointed with the final result?  


Although I agree that the HP movies are as whole pretty good, the ones that managed to be more faithful to the books were the final two parts of The Deathly Hallows, cause I was pretty upset when I saw The Prisoner of Azkaban and the bf even stopped watching the movies till the final two came out after it!

An example of brilliantly made movies based on books are the LOTR movies... but of course given the fact that Peter Jackson and his wife and her friend that wrote the scripts were HUGE LOTR nerds... that had to help!

I've never seen any of the LOTR movies. I'm saving those for when I finish the books haha. so, it might be a while.

HP was a very good adaption over all. I had a MAJOR issue with PoA, it was my favorite book and they completely hacked it up. I was fuming so bad in the theaters I had to go watch it again just so I made sure I saw it right. LOL I do agree that we do have HIGH expectations for movies and I have gotten better about being so judgemental about them. I don't mind the minor changes but I do still get mad when they mess with MAJOR plot lines. AS they did with TMI. The movie wasn't HORRIBLE overall, but the last 20-30 minutes left me SO mad, I literally wanted to walk out of the theater after certain things happened, I had had enough. I honestly am not sure how they will do the next 2 movies with some of the things they messed with. They won't be able to go by the books for sure on important things. THG is AWESOME. I hope they do as good a job with CF. :)
If they mess up VA...I may freak out.....literally, that's my baby. LOL

Everyone seems to agree that PoA was severely butchered, but it's been so long that I can't really remember what happened. However, I've always had a strong dislike for it, but I never knew why... I guess my subconscious comprehended how bad it truly was. As far as THG and TMI, I haven't seen either (yet). I really enjoyed THG and don't want to see it ruined, but I'll take your word and watch it soon :). As far as TMI, I haven't the series yet... I really want to, but haven't had the time. Plus, I keep putting other books ahead of it.

Thanks for the feedback!

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