What To Expect

What To Expect:

The reviews posted on The Book Feed's Blog are strictly opinionated. They are not intended to maliciously attack neither an author's work nor the author themselves. The reviews, as stated prior, are simply the opinion that I myself held or the opinion held by the initial poster. As such, you will be receiving an honest response to any or all of the following:
  1. Short summary of story *
  2. Thoughts, concerns, and general comments
  3. Overall reading experience 
  4. Character analysis
  5. Similarities/Differences to other works

* Most responses will not entail a detailed summary of the story. However, short synopsis may be included to provide background information. Credit will be given if used from another source such as GoodReads or Amazon.
*  The list above is subject to change upon the reviewers discretion and as such is not exhaustible. 
*  All credit of images used go strictly to the owner of the rights whether that be the publisher, author, illustrator, etc... The cover art images used are solely for the purpose of connecting the review with the appropriate book. 

Rating System:

Reviewed works will be rated on the commonly known 5 star system. 
5 Stars: Loved it / Amazing
4 Stars: Really enjoyed it
3 Stars: Okay / Good 
2 Stars: Didn't like it
1 Star: Hated it
0 Stars: Did not finish

Requesting Reviews:

Reviews can be requested by emailing thebookfeed@live.com or by using Twitter (@TheBookFeed_) - the former being the most preferred method. The word request should be understood to mean "the act or an instance of asking for something", therefore, a requested review is not automatically guaranteed nor automatically declined and will be processed via the reviewers discretion. 

Genres I'm willing to review:

  1. Young Adult *
  2. Fantasy *
  3. Paranormal
  4. Horror
  5. Mystery
  6. General Fiction
*Books with magic, wizards, witches, dragons, elves, etc ... are highly favored.

The Book Feed reserves the right to post reviews at the reviewers convenience. This blog is also not responsible for any comments that are written by it's guests, followers, or account holders.