Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Mini Book Spree

Despite my previous post, I went out to my local used bookstore – a favorite of mine – and purchased a few novels. Here’s what I got:

  • I’ve already read Salems Lot, but it was on my Kindle and this was one was only 50 cent! So, I jumped on it.
  • Pelican Brief was another good deal, 10 cent!!! I currently own 3 or4 of Grisham’s other works, so I jumped on this one too.
  • I’ve wanted to read The Help, but never justified purchasing it until today. I ran across it at a measly $3.95 for the hardback version!
  • Finally, Queste by Angie Sage, is a book that just jumped out at me. I’ve only read the first two books from the Septimus Heap series and Queste is the 4th installment. So, I won’t be reading it until I’ve read the 3rd. However, It was only $4.95, which is way cheaper than any offers on Amazon.


Have you read The Help? I've only seen the movie but loved it! I have it downloaded but never got around to actually reading it!

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Crystal @ Crystal in Bookland

No I haven't read it yet, but I've been wanting to really bad. I haven't even seen the movie!! I think I'm going to start mixing it in with Nogitsune. I've been really wanting to read that too. I won it from Clovia's giveaway :D

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