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Braving the Brontes (Carly Keene: Literary Detective):

Rating : 4.5 Stars
Version: ARC eBook
Author: Katherine Rue

Carly Keene is a twelve-year-old from Alaska who has always longed for adventure. She gets her wish when she is transported back to 1846 and finds herself living with the Bronte family in England. There is a mystery surrounding the Bronte sisters, and until she solves it Carly is stuck in the past. Will adventure be what she thought it would be? Will she ever get home?

Carly Keene, Literary Detective was a fun and imaginative story. The book's description alone was enough to hook me, throw in a bit of nostalgia and I had to read it! The main character, Carly, is very likable and easy to relate to, especially for those who have a vivid imagination and thirst for adventure. 
I loved the plot, but initially was hoping for a bit more. For instance, after reading the description I imagined Carly falling into a book filled with fantasy and action. Yet, despite not meeting my expectations, I'm not at all dissatisfied. The thought of falling back in time to meet the Bronte sisters is both unique and creative. Additionally, younger audiences will find this book has plenty of action.  After all, there are ghosts, time travel, mystery, and lets not forget adventure --Carly almost died--. Thinking back to the books that I used to read when I was in elementary school, I can definitely see me picking this up off the library shelf. 

I’m not sure if it’s my copy or the publishers style, but some sentences were choppy with words straddling numerous sentences (whole chapters). Similarly, the chapter headings were preceded and followed by 3 and 3*, respective. I originally thought it was strange, but figured the number 3 had some significance story. Could the 3 stand for the Bronte sisters and 3* represent the change underwent by Carly's presence?


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