Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where the Dead Talk:

Rating: 4.5 Stars
Version: eBook
Author: Ken Davis

Out past the towns and villages of Colonial Massachusetts lies a lake, black and icy and deep.When night settles on the deep woods, when the wind sings a mournful song through the trees, voices can sometimes be heard, rising from its still surface: voices of the lost, voices of the damned, voices of the dead.
When tragedy unlocks the terrifying secret of the lake, when revolution explodes across the countryside, the doorway to Hell opens a crack and the dead begin to rise.

Where the Dead talk is not a genre that I generally gravitate towards. However, my interest spiked after reading the summary and I decide to give it a shot. The combination between my love of Halloween and the fact that it's slowly approaching probably aided in my decision… just a bit :).

Though I did enjoy the story, it seemed like it took an eternity to finish. My honest guess was that the book was somewhere around 500-600 pages long, so imagine my shock when I learned it was only 264 pages in length (GoodReads). I guess when you read intermittently... on the bus... on your phone… you don't make as much progress as you think you do. Also, the storyline seemed to build a little slow, which in my case didn't help matters.

Yet, when the zombies came out, I was hooked. I got chills when a character would look up and see a zombie staring back or see a zombie scrambling on the ceiling of a dark house.  I’ve really never understood the fascination with zombies; much less zombie themed books, but “Where the Dead Talk” gave me a little glimpse of understanding.  Let me say again, this is NOT my genre, but I really enjoyed this book! Other than what I’ve already said, I really don’t have much more to add, but if you have questions/comments please feel free to post below.

Give it a shot and get in the Halloween mood!


Sounds interesting, even if zombie books are not something I read much either!
I'll probably be checking it out!

It's definitely worth looking into, let me know what you think!!

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