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Share a Thought Saturday (2): Target Audiences

Now you might be saying “What? No, it’s not Saturday!” and you would be correct. However, it is only 24 past midnight and I don’t feel like waiting an entire week to bring this topic up. The topic that I’m offering up for discussion is the following.

“Do you judge people for what they read? If so, is there a set age limit for books of certain genres?”

I’ve done a little bit of discussion on this before (off blog chat) and it was interesting to hear what others had to say. I know books are targeted for certain readers, i.e. YA, middle grade, adult, etc.… Yet, what happens when you don’t fit the target audience? Speaking of which, I had an experience with this the other day in one of my favorite bookstores. I inquired about “Witch Eyes” by author Scott Tracy. The guy was very nice and led me over to the area where it was supposed to be located (though I had already scanned it thoroughly). After a quick look, he said that unfortunately they did not have it and began offering alternative suggestions. For some reason, one phrase stuck in my head that went something along the lines of “… though you might be a little too old for that.” Of course, I took no offense and he meant to harm, but what if it was one of my favorite books? Anyways, enough with the anecdotes.

Let me superimpose a hypothetical situation. You look across the bus isle and see a college student reading a middle grade book. What is your first thought?  

My personal view is that people should not judge others by the book they read. After all, if someone derives pleasure from reading Dr. Seuss, then who are we to criticize them for it? When you think about it, one reason people love eReaders is because of the privacy aspect. You can take your device with you anywhere and read whatever you please.

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