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Rating: 4.5 Stars
Version: Ebook
Author: Colee Firman

Short Summary (GR):
The Overseer’s Stone is destroyed and all of the Scattered Akori are back. That’s exactly what Addy wanted. The part she didn’t bargain for was being swept away, landing in a fascinating world just under the surface of her own. 
The search for a way back to Tremain proves to be a monumental task, with a roadblock at every turn. Unimaginable secrets from the past unravel, leaving Addy wondering if there’s anyone she can really trust. 
Will mistakes from Eva and Andrew’s past be the end of them all? Old enemies resurface, forcing Addy and Tanner to make impossible decisions that will change everything. 
Bonds are broken and new connections are forged in Sanctify—book two of the Unbinding Fate Series.

Author Colee Firman has supplied readers with a very compelling continuation to the Unbinding Fate series entitled Sanctify. The story continues from the cliffhanger ending of book one with Addy, Tanner, Jax, and Julz having landed in Greystone - a home away from home. The continuation of the story was very fluent and no time was wasted rehashing events from book one; a turn off to some readers. Overall, I have to say that I enjoyed book two much more so than book one. One reason is because both Addy and Tanner have powers now and they aren't afraid to use them. Their inherited powers are rivaled with the legendary Eva and Andrew, from which their abilities descend. As with book one there is a lot of romance, which was to be expected. Yet, instead of letting it dissuade me from the storyline, I found that it greatly enhanced it. I thoroughly enjoyed the action, mystery, and suspense Sanctify offered, partially the reason why I was able to overlook the romance. Don't misunderstand me, the romance in the Unbinding Fate series is no less than that of any other book, I just cringe when a story centers around romance. Hence, why I stay away from that genre of books. 
As a side note, I figured Addy would end up with Tanner and it definitely makes sense why she was attracted to Gage. Addy's life was a complete mess with her Grandfather dying, her best friends turning against her, and the Estate being attacked (I probably left a few others out). So, it's not unreasonable to see that she turned to Gage, her childhood friend, for support and reassurance. The fact that he scattered after trying to heal her simply added to the fuel. It was a catalyst as Tanner says. 
The only reason I don't give Sanctify 5 stars is because it took me along time to get into it. It took me a week to get to 50%. However, after breaking through some imaginary barrier, I ended up finishing the next day. 
Sanctify ends with another cliffhanger and it has me yearning to continue on to Book 3, Chasing Darkness. 

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