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Rating: 3 Stars
Version: Ebook
Author: Colee Firman

I came across this book via Pixel of Ink while it was on special.

Short Summary:
The story centers around a teenage girl named Addison Sanders who lives at her grandfathers estate. Addison is very well traveled, since the estate is teleported to new locations often - usually cold, isolated, and never the same place twice. However, Addison finds herself faced with a situation that violates previous precident. The new location is on the beach near a busy tourist town and is also a repeat of a prior location. Addison and her grandfather share the estate with the Akori, an immortal population of human-like people. They are overseen by Addison's grandfather, known as the Overseer. The Overseer has control over the Overseer's stone, which was created by two of the oldest known Akori. Since the stone's creation, much controversy has arisen and many seek to destroy it. Things become complicated when a human named Tanner becomes aware of the estate, which is usually shielded from human eyes. Her grandfather dies and while Addy attempts to claim the Overseer's stone, symbols appear on her neck. These symbols would kill the the average human, but instead it sets her off on an adventure full of mystery, flirtation, and deception.

Overall I enjoyed this story. It was a little slow towards the beginning, but picked up at around 55-60%. One thing that irked me was the time it took to uncover information surrounding the Akori and their powers; the estate, and the stone. However, by the end of the book all my questions were answered.  Also, I am not too fond of stories containing a lot of romance, which was abundant with Addison's character. But, if you enjoy fantasy and romance then this is your story. The book also needed a little more editing. There were a few grammatical errors I picked up on, but nothing major. Hey, my grammar isn't perfect either. I really enjoyed the concept of the the Akori and the estate because it was both unique and interesting.

This is book one of the Unbinding Fate series and I am in the process of reading book two: Sanctify.  I have recommend this book to others seeking a good read in fantasy and would definitely recommend it to anyone reading this review.


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